Creating atmospheres and moods that produce goose bumps is our concern.

Especially illuminations are made for refined with mystical fog and fire effects.

The most important mood-forming agent is fog, which is a mystical haze veil around the location or as a floor mist the guests on clouds receives. Smart lighting with so-called CityColor headlights or simple PAR cans make the staging perfect.

In addition, our portfolio includes special effects for TV and film productions, nitrogen and CO2 fog, (foam) snow, soap bubbles and much more.

We are internationally known for our brand “cryofex”, where we have developed nitrogen nebulization effects like the IceExplosion (enormous amounts of fog such as in the Cocoonclub Frankfurt or the Amnesia in Ibiza), the FogCurtain (ideal for product presentations) or “real” ground fog.

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