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Unforgettable moments…

Here you will find attractive ideas and arrangements for weddings, anniversaries or just a surprise for him or her, such as:

  • Sophisticated private fireworks
  • A dream of golden waterfalls
  • Romantic fire dancer productions
  • Fire decoration such as torches, flames, or burning hearts
  • Indoor rose petals shoot from the tables
  • Silver streamer for the marriage ceremonies
  • High-quality fireworks batteries for shooting by yourself

Fireworks batteries for shooting by yourself can be found here in our shop.

IMPORTANT! Please note, to buy and burn fireworks of cat. 2 in Germany, outside New Year’s Eve, you need an exception license from your competent authority.

This exemption must be requested at least 14 days before the fireworks. Without this permission, no fireworks can be sold.

Our tip:

6-10 Streamer handheld cannons are particularly beautiful when the bride and groom leave the church.

A sample video for our wedding package can be found below:

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