Our Powersnow 500 from UniversalEffects is one of the best foam snowmaking machines in the world. The output is about 20 meters wide and the snowfall is very realistic.

For smaller indoor applications with the SnowStorm we have a very favorable small snowmachines with about 10% power of the Powersnow 500.

The principle is quite simple: A small foam generator ensures the foam, which is torn and distributed by a blower.


  • From the Christmas market to the après ski party
  • Advertising, film
  • Beach bar


  • Very realistic snowfall
  • Foam is dermatologically tested
  • Foam snow ecologically harmless
  • Snow remains lying

Slightly quieter are snow slopes and snow plugs with reflex snow, a special plastic. Also available are paper granulates, which also simulate a snowfall. Whether reflex snow or granulate: both variants must of course be removed manually.

The foam, on the other hand, disintegrates with time and can easily be removed with water.

We are also happy to provide you with real snowmaking machines for using up to 30 ° C outdoors!


For example, the ski hall Neuss in Germany or other indoor ski halls offers real snow, by truck the white splendor comes directly to the location!

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