building staging

Building Staging

Let your building stand on the focus of the show!

Selected effects such as fountains in the windows, bengals and flashing effects that quiver the facade or the fireworks on the roof, set the building in the right light and provide goose bumps and romance. Theater effects, which do not leave any soot on the building, form the perfect ensemble. A light image with your company logo or company name, access your corporate identity and convey the “we” feeling at your event.

The architecture and the character of the building are also presented in a unique way and enchant the eye of the audience.

A building production with fireworks is a sure highlight of the evening and an unforgettable moment in your company partners and employees for your company party or reopening.

You want to have acoustic elements of your factory, or company headquarters with in the show? Talk to us, we catch the sounds acoustically (recording) and include these elements in the show. Your guests are unconsciously moved into the building at the same time and enjoy the visual play with the building from the outside. The perfect combination of pyrotechnics and music becomes a music-synchronous building stage with an active involvement of the audience.

Ideal are flat roofs with the corresponding base and non-flammable roof layer. But even for difficult cases we have the right solution and provide you with all-around safe service for your building. In cooperation with the security authorities, we ensure a smooth and risk-free show for roof and building. A special coating material provides a second skin, so fireworks can be “built” also on tar paper roofs. You do not have flat roofs available? This is no problem for us. Work platforms provide a further level and the corresponding height.

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