CO2-Jets… & CO2-Guns

… shoot with a loud noise a fog beam (up to 8 m), which dissolves immediately.
The size and abundance of the effect depends on the following factors:
Humidity, the temperature of the CO2 bottle (the higher the pressure) and the length of the supply to the CO2 nozzles (after 6 m approximately 10% power loss per meter).

CO2 jets are particularly nice effects when lit from the nozzle.

For use is required per nozzle:
A bottle of CO2 (25 Kg) and 6 m hose. The CO2 cylinders weigh about 80 Kg. The fog duration is about 25s per cylinder.

CO2 jets are not comparable to our cryofex IceExplosion, a massive fog machine with incredible 500 m³ per second (!!) performances based on liquid nitrogen (LIN).

The nozzles are switched via 230 V, preferably via switchpacks or manually.


  • Stage effect
  • Clubs / discos
  • Theme parks


  • No cooling time
  • Effect on cue available
  • Chase sequences possible
  • Fog disappears immediately
  • Very loud and powerful
  • CO2 cylinder max. 12 m from the nozzle
  • Not suitable for small locations
  • Only max. 25s fog per 25 Kg bottle

CO2 guns are the mobile form of the CO2 jet.

The gun can either be used fully mobile with a backpack (bottle-backpack), or can be attached to a CO2 bottle with a hose similar to the CO2 jets.

The output of the CO2 gun is up to 8m, depending on humidity and is the perfect highlight in the DJ and party area.

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