zündwerk is one of the leading specialists for music synchronized fireworks:

As the first company in Germany, we used the modern computer technology of synchronizing music with the firework and digitally shooting on site.

In 1995, we first formed the concept of “pyro-musicals” in Germany.

Our well-known Pyro-Musicals are characterized by the visualization of music and the synergy of light and emotion – experienced at the moment of their emergence.

In contrast to “classical” music fireworks, the effects are shot into any background music (often even “by hand”), a pyro-musical combines sparkling music and color splendor. Both components are merging into a homogenous show, thanks to the newest digital technology.

The music is reflected in the fireworks, and a ballet of lights, shapes and glistening colors will astonish the viewer.

Perfection “on cue” to 1/100 second exactly … Guaranteed goosebumps!

Even for a high-quality sound, we are glad to be your partner.

Pyro-Musicals created by zündwerk:





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