We often associate confetti with Carnival and first it is not so wrong. The word confetti has its origin in the eighteenth century. It was and is, of course, connected with throwing on people or the “just throwing in air” on festivities.

The confetti of MagicFX offers you only high quality, which does not leave any colored spots *. Our confetti is flame retardant and non-electrically conductive.

The so-called SlowFall Confetti is ultra-light and offers a particularly intense effect.

One differentiates between Paper-Confetti and Metallic-Confetti (Flitter).

The latter is reflective and brings the desired glitter effect to your event.

The professional show confetti is produced in many bright colors, if necessary please contact us and we check whether your desired color is available.

Colors and sortes:

  • Usually, 55x17mm rectangles or 55mm shapes (e.g., Hearts, Stars, Rounds, Butterflies, or Flowers)
  • For a glitter effect, take Raindrops (6x6mm) or LaserConfetti (55x17mm)
  • Coming back with UV-active Confetti effects, available as 55x17mm-Rectangles in four colors
  • On request specials are possible such as special shapes or printed confetti

* Not applicable in combination with alcohol / sugar drinks

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