Fireworks – Pyrotechnics

A pyrotechnic production consisting of individual fireworks effects combined with components of pyrotechnics, together offering a unique style for the design of a specific highlight.

Goosebumps guarantees a pyro-musical. This is clearly different to music accompanied fireworks shows. Our well-known performances are characterized by the visualization of music and the synergy of light and emotion. The music is reflected in fireworks and a ballet of lights, shapes and dazzling colors puts the viewer in awe. Perfection “on cue,” precisely to the 1/100 second.

Our Metamorphosis of Lights – a combination of light and fire. Or even building productions of Zündwerk – the object at the center of the show. Fascinating effects on windows, flashing effects on the facades or the additional fireworks on the roof. Through such productions, your building will be placed in the right light.

Stage fireworks, fire and flames, as well as all other special effects such as confetti, streamers or fog – we would like to make your event a unique experience!

No matter what kind of show and pyrotechnics you choose, the most important point for us is safety. Safe fireworks include strict safety precautions.

Something else is unthinkable for us.

Already during the planning phase we exclude all risks through careful risk analyzes: Our “all-round care” package ensures a smooth process right from the start and includes all approval aspects. The best contacts with the authorities guarantee a serious execution of the approval request.

For our globally active customers, we offer our services all over the world with the same perfection – whether you are planning a mega event in Australia or a firework display in Cyprus.

The most important thing for us in the planning phase, expert advice – from music selection, the right fireworks up to all security issues. This includes the organization of on-site visits, the preparation of a security analysis, administrative agreements and much more.

Even at the event itself, you can rely on a competent, experienced team.

We would like to present the complete range of pyrotechnics and special effects – from the small theater flash to the pompous pyro-musical, from the fire show to the fireball.

Browse the following pages and get inspired by the variety!

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