“If one blows into the hole in the middle of the rolled-up streamer, it unfolds and flies through the air with snake-like movements.” Thus, Mr. Demuth invented the streamer in Berlin.

When unrolling the streamer, they create a fountain-like streak effect and act as a noble, falling banner.

Streamers are made of the finest silk paper or metallic plastic film (Mylar) or a combination of both.

Streamers are usually shot with TrussCannons or from other cartridges, overhead horizontally or like fountains vertically.

The following applications are perfect for each scope of the streamer:

  • 5m long and 0.85cm wide streamer are perfect for stage shows.
  • 10m long and 1.5cm wide streamer are intended for larger halls and are easily visible.
  • 10m long and 5cm wide streamer, so-called Arena Streamer, are intended for large halls and extend particularly far. Usually the launch angle is 45 °.
  • 20m long and 5cm wide streamer are called stadium streamer, because you can shot from stadium roofs, unfold themselves optimally.


Our music-synchronously choreographed streamershow is a perfect alternative for a fireworks display.

Especially indoor the effect of fireworks can be surpassed by clever streamer design!


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